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Captain's Log--Final Entry

Well, it was worth a shot.

I have found that as my day job creates unexpected hills and valleys for me, I tend to value my actual writing time all the more. This means, less time for updates and far more time for Getting Stuff Done. But I haven't completely unplugged. Like all of this social networking, it's just morphed into the Next New Thing.

I'm very happy using FaceBook to keep friends and family in the loop. Fair warning, though: I'm not using it to see how high my friends list can go. Unless you tell me you're a fan of my work, or that you want to keep up with my writing, I will not add you. I tried that with MySpace and it got away from me and now I hate it. So, if we know each other, and you have a FaceBook account, you can find me here and I'll add you to one of my appropriate lists.

Very recently, I also started a Twitter account. I got one because it works with FaceBook for status updates, and I can pile on as many fans and other folks as needed without impinging on my friends and family. Sometimes I may want to send different messages, you know? Anyway, my Twitter name is @FinnsWake.

And finally, if you're interested in keeping up with my writing and thoughts on same, there IS a blog to which I have been contributing, although it's not as personal in nature. It's and you can also keep up with the rest of Clockwork Storybook. We've recently expanded our ranks and the new authors are also weighing in.

And that's that. See you over there, folks!
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