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A Cavalcade of Failures

I don't even know where to begin.

My personal computer is dead. And I won't be able to get it fixed until AFTER Christmas. Don't know if I will be able to recover all of my files, don't know much of anything, really. But the hard drive is (I think) damaged, rendering most of the computer corrupt and inoperable.

We have worked so hard these last few weeks doing special shows and other things that I have made myself sick. Not eating right, or often enough, and very little sleep is EXACTLY what I used to do in Christmas Retail and sure enough, I did it here, too. Here, where I'm supposed to be taking it easy.

This whole month has felt like an epic struggle. I'm taking off on Monday and won't come back until Friday. The break will do me some good. We're also going to take it easy in January, get a little breather, there. But I can't keep this up. Me and Cathy have got to get healthy and stay healthy if we're going to see our long term plans come to fruition.

Going to bed, now. I've got a date with Nyquil.  Tell everyone that I like I said "Merry Christmas."
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