Mark Finn (finnswake) wrote,
Mark Finn

Just got my third wind

Today was the big annual (for three years now) Christmas Parade in Vernon. The theme was "Christmas on the Western Trail," something that the developers in town are trying very hard to push as an identity for the town. So, we got a number of vintage cars, pick-ups, and tractors bedecked with lights and tinsel as well as some flatbed trailers and in a few cases, really great decorating jobs.

Cathy wants to do a float for the theater next year, with the theme of "A Christmas Story."  I volunteered to be one of the Bumpus's hounds. This suggestion did not go over well. I was only trying to be helpful.

After the late excursion to Elezabeth's 21st birthday party (and boy, a thirty-nine year old amid a sea of twentysomethings is only made less pathetic by the fact that my wife was with me and it was a family event), and the early morning wake-up call to participate in the town's SHOP TIL YOU DROP promotion (and getting ZERO customers for the duration), I'm ready to call it a night. Too bad there's still another set of shows to run. I'm counting the days until I can bolt for Sweetwater and the family Christmas gathering. I'm looking forward to the recharge.

Facebook continues to delight and frustrate in equal amounts. I'm really enjoying the re-connection process, but I'm getting a little tired of all the E-Bric-a-brac that you can send people. Well, except for the Star Wars figures. And the pulp covers. And the pulp heroes. Those are cool. Maybe it's the Hello-Kitty-Cutsie-Crap that I don't want. I am a man. Well, a man-boy, but still...
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