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A bite in the ass month

It's been tough, this past month. Lots of Theater-Related things happened that put us on the defensive, and really shook the foundations of our lives here in Vernon. Suffice to say, we're okay. For now. But it wasn't easy. It wasn't pretty. And we're still not out of the woods, yet.

But one thing that is certain: I would NOT have been able to make it without you guys, my friends. Maybe you did something to cheer me up; maybe you didn't. But you all contributed in some way to keeping me afloat. So, thank you.

Thanks to SarahM for forcing me to join yet another social network, but since it's all about books, it kinda doesn't count, and

Thanks to Peggy for linking me up on Said Social Network with an author's page, some friends, and a crapload of books.

Thanks to Jenna for calling and letting me do a fifteen minute monologue on modern teenagers. You laughed, and you made my day.

Thanks to Rick for calling and giving me a dose of guy-talk.

Thanks to Lucas for being my big brother when I really needed it.

Thanks to James for always being a positive influence on me, as well as giving me a chance to wax intellectual about Conan and Solomon Kane.

Thanks to Chris for the good news about Blood & Thunder. I sold some books! Yeah!

Thanks to Beth and Weldon for, well, all of the support and encouragement, as well as passing along the REH news. It was quite the spirit-lifter.

Thanks to Rusty for the surprise shout-out in The Best of Robert E. Howard: Volume 1 introduction. I got credited (along with Chris Gruber) with the revival of attention to Howard's funny boxing stories.

Thanks to Brad for the recognition regarding Austin Books' success. I love the whole Bankston family like my own.

There were other incidents, some small, some large, and some really random. But they all kept me going, and kept my chin up. It has been said that we are judged by the company that we keep. If that is the case, than I am one of the most fortunate men on the planet.
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