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Day Five--Clockwork Reunited

All week, we’ve been taking turns cooking. Breakfast has been communal; he who is in the kitchen, conscious and moving, gets whatever the cook is making. Lunch has been catch-as-catch can, either leftovers or sandwiches, or whatever else is in the house. But dinner has been a great trade off. Tonight was Willingham’s turn to cook, and he made a chicken and rice dish that was expansive and comforting.  Prior to that, I made an Italian stroganoff dish and Williams made chili. We are fairly swimming in man-food over here.

Today was a light work day. With Matt back in the mix, we all did a lot of fiddling around, gravitating to one another and getting very little done. I revised and rewrote everything to date, which was productive, and finished outlining the main plot, which was gratifying. Williams and Sturges worked on their respective comic projects, and Willingham polished and re-wrote some, but he was just as distracted as I was. It was too much fun with Matt in the house.

We all stayed up late, waiting on Chris to arrive. He did so at roughly 11:30, and we sat out on the porch, Clockwork complete, and proceeded to immediately re-connect the old neural network of our communal brain. The old jokes, the old jibes, and even the old roles were effortlessly resumed as if we hadn’t ever been apart. It was a pleasant feeling, like when you find a lucky T-shirt in your closet, slip it on and it just “feels” right.

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