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I loathe ineffeciency in business...

I'm still learning huge amounts of things about the movie industry, like all of the technical specs of the projectors, and how the film distribution system works. So I don't expect to be able to change it, nor would I want to.

However, if the only time that someone is going to be able to deliver supplies to me is on the Monday right after I've just used them up, thus ensuing that I have to chain my orders out over two weeks' time, then I don't have a very effecient supplier. That's maddening.

Now I've got to blow two hours driving to Wichita Falls and back tomorrow, just to make sure that I have enough stuff to open the theater with. And then my restock will show up after my "work week." There's got to be a better way to do this--no, scratch that, there's got to be another person to do business with.


In other news, I've got two interviews and a very flattering review of Blood & Thunder up at the Internet Review of Science Fiction AND RevolutionSF right now. Feels like Mark Finn week all of a sudden.
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